Making Meaningful Connections

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust is holding a ‘Making Meaningful Connections’ Seminar in Ballymena Showgrounds on Wednesday 19th March from 10.00am to 1.00pm.

The event has been organised to encourage people working in businesses and agencies throughout the Trust area to think about the mental and emotional health of their customers, clients and staff. They will be asked to consider how the workplace is an ideal setting to help make easy connections between individuals and the support services that could help make a real difference.

Geraldine McDonnell, Senior Health Promotion Officer, for the Northern Trust said: “There are a lot of people who are experiencing mental health crises and emotional distress for a range of reasons – poverty, relationship breakdown, mental health issues, bereavement etc, and who are not aware of, or are not connecting with the excellent support services available locally.

“The workplace can play a valuable and positive role in connecting staff, customers and clients with the support services they need, before things get to absolute crisis point. We welcome managers and staff from a range of agencies and businesses, big and small, to see how easily they can help make life saving connections. We all see the value in knowing Emergency First Aid, and now it’s time to think of how we could help someone in an emotional or mental health crisis – either way we could save a life.”

During the seminar participants will hear presentations from a range of support and mental health charities, which include real examples of where simple connections at the right time have actually saved lives. There will be opportunities for participants to meet support providers and ask questions, and link with services that can help them incorporate mental health & emotional wellbeing into their business.

The event has been funded by the Public Health Agency as part of the Northern Area Action Plan for the Protect Life Strategy for NI.

For further information or to reserve a place at the event please contact the Health Improvement Service, Northern Health and Social Care Trust on 028 2563 6600 or email

14th March 2014

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