Stress control classes in the Newtownabbey area

The Northern Trust, in partnership with Monkstown Village Initiatives, is offering free Stress Control classes in the Newtownabbey, Rathcoole and Carrickfergus areas this October. ‘Stress Control’ is a six week, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based self-help course consisting of six 90 minute presentations. Although aimed at people experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or depression, anyone who is suffering with stress, knows someone who is, or just wants to be better equipped, is welcome to attend.

Stress Control is not group therapy – you will not have to talk about personal issues in front of others. The classes are for anyone who wants to learn more about stress and new skills to manage a very common problem

Nearly 200 people from the Northern Trust area, including many men, have attended Stress Control classes so far. Most people who completed Stress Control reported learning a range of beneficial new skills to help them manage their stress.

Heather attended previous stress control classes and felt they were very beneficial. Talking about the classes she said: “The classes were delivered at a really good pace. The handouts and homework were brilliant; you didn’t go home and forget about it. It’s a process but the more work you put into it, the more benefit you get from it.

“After every lesson I genuinely learned something. It was simple things you could implement in your life and was of great benefit to me. Keeping the journal of the vicious circle was really important as putting thoughts on paper can help you to change things.

“The sleeping tips really helped me as well as learning to pull back the blinkers and take time to let things happen rather than trying to assume what could happen. Not only did I benefit from it, but my family members did as well and said they could see a visible difference in my wellbeing. It is scheduled self-help that is free, local and in the community. I really enjoyed it.”

The classes will be run in three locations: Monkstown Village Centre, Oakfield Community Centre and The Dunanney Centre, Rathcoole. Classes will be delivered by a trained CBT Therapist, staff from the Northern Trust’s Psychological Therapies Service and Monkstown Village Initiatives.

The classes will meet at Monkstown Village Centre, Newtownabbey on Tuesday evenings (7.00pm – 8.30pm from 7 October – 11 November), Oakfield Community Centre, Carrickfergus on Wednesday mornings (10.30am – 12:00pm from 8 October – 12 November), and The Dunanney Centre, Rathcoole on Thursday evenings (7:00pm – 8.30pm from 9 October – 13 November).

Stress Control is open to anyone living in the Northern Trust area.

For more information on the classes or to register interest, please contact Rosie Donnelly from Monkstown Village Initiatives on 028 9086 0090.

13th October 2014

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