Telecare Service makes a difference to alzheimers patient

An innovative service in the Northern Trust is making a real difference to people’s lives, not only for those using the service to maintain their independence, but also their family and loved ones.

Telecare involves a range of discreet sensors and equipment which help to manage the risks a person may face in relation to their health, home environment and living independently. The service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In particular Telecare has made a real difference to a client in the Causeway area, Alicia, who some years ago was involved in an accident, which resulted in her having poor, short term memory. This has been exacerbated by a diagnosis of alzheimers disease meaning Alicia requires some assistance, in particular because of deterioration in her mobility which leaves her with a greater risk of falling.

Alicia has a Telecare package which includes a falls detector as well as a pendant which she wears around her neck. If the monitoring centre receives an alert from one of these sensors at any time of day or night they will notify a family member living nearby.

Alicia says: “I recently fell at home, and the fall detector automatically alerted the monitoring centre and my family were then quick to respond. As a result of this quick response I didn’t need to go to hospital which was great. Having access to Telecare means I can stay safely and securely in my own home. It also gives my family greater peace of mind, knowing they can go about their daily lives but will be contacted if they are needed”.

Mary Stobie, an Occupational Therapist working for the Northern Health and Social Care Trust advises, “As an occupational therapist, my job is to maintain people’s independence and their ability to manage alone. Telecare is a fantastic tool that helps me to achieve this by managing all sort of different risks. Particularly thinking about people with a diagnosis of alzheimers, the sensors help them to stay at home in a familiar environment. The technology is also a great support to carers, alleviating stress and worry.”

The Trust currently have 533 clients receiving the support of the Telecare Service which is available Trust wide.

The Telecare service covers a wide range of needs, and is intended to support people, enabling them to continue living in their own home, independently or with the assistance of carers, for as long as possible. Telecare has proven to help a wide range of people including older people living with long terms conditions such as alzheimers and dementia, people with learning difficulties, sensory or physical impairments, people at risk of falling at home and people requiring help and support on discharge from hospital. It also supports carers and families, giving them peace of mind, by providing additional help and support with caring responsibilities.

For more information on Telecare Service please contact: Bronagh Mooney on tel number : 028 94426100 or email

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Pictured: Mary Stobie, Occupational Therapist pictured with Alicia, wearing her pendant

13th October 2014

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