Hearth and Home exhibition at Causeway Hospital

An art exhibition entitled ‘Hearth and Home’ opened in September at Causeway Hospital. The exhibition will showcase work completed by tenants of The Brook Supported Living facility in Coleraine as part of a 14 week project in partnership with the charity Artscare.

Kathryn Nelson, artist in residence, facilitated workshops every Tuesday with eight participants from The Brook along with activity co-ordinator Sandra Ramsey. The participants created paintings of objects that are precious to them using thoughts of a happy family home as their inspiration.

Paintings of vases of flowers, walking sticks, a young pup, a sleek cat and an old pair of boots are just some of the artwork that will be on display at the exhibition. All the participants based their art on personal items they had in their own flats. For some, taking part in the project reawakened a past interest in painting and for others they discovered a new talent. All the participants are extremely proud of their achievements and are delighted to have their artwork displayed in Causeway Hospital.

The exhibition is on display for three months and it is hoped that the work will bring pleasure to the hospitals’ patients, visitors and staff.

After the exhibition the work will go on permanent display in The Brook for the pleasure and delight of family, friends, staff and of course the tenants themselves.

7th November 2014

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