Mindfulness course for family carers in Newtownabbey

The Northern Trust is offering a ‘Mindfulness’ Course for family carers in the Newtownabbey area in recognition that caring for a loved one can sometimes be stressful and family carers often need support.

Mindfulness is a relaxation technique that helps to stay present in the moment, instead of worrying and being anxious. It has been proven to reduce stress and to improve quality of life if practiced regularly and the event has been tailored for family carers.

If you look after a family member because they are unable to look after themselves due to illness frailty or disability you are a family carer.

Course participants will learn about mindfulness and its health benefits, as well as having the opportunity to practice it one day a week for 6 weeks with an experienced facilitator. The course will be informal and family carers can attend on their own or are welcome to bring a friend along.

The course begins on Wednesday 14 January 2015 and runs until Wednesday 18 February. It will be held in Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey every Wednesday from 2-3pm and is free. To book a place, or for more information, please contact Anne Cummings, Carers Co-ordinator with the Northern Trust on 028 2766 1392 or email anne.cummings@northerntrust.hscni.net.

27th January 2015

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