Stroke project will make a difference to survivors in the Mid Ulster area

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust is celebrating after receiving three prestigious Queens Nursing Institute (QNI) Fund for Innovation and Leadership Awards, the only Trust in Northern Ireland to receive the awards out of 11 across the UK.

One of the awards was given to the Trust for running an innovative project to enhance information given to stroke patients on discharge from hospital.

With an estimated 152,000 strokes every year in the UK, the project aims to ensure that patients leaving hospital feel confident to manage their condition at home.

Having a stroke can have a major impact on the daily lives of patients and their family or carers. Stroke survivors can have problems walking, talking, swallowing, getting dressed, carrying out personal hygiene tasks and emotional issues including anxiety, depression and mood swings. Stroke rehabilitation is specific to each individual, and depends on their symptoms and their severity. It starts in hospital and continues at home or at a local clinic in their community once they are well enough to leave.

Patients have expressed the need for more information, support and advice following a stroke and this feedback has formed the basis of this project. Aishleen Cunningham and Paula Ford-Hutchinson are the project leads. Aishleen’s nursing role is to improve patient experience and Paula works as a stroke nurse in the community.

Speaking about the new project Aishleen said: “Patients have reported that they want to be more involved in their care and on discharge they want advice in a “what to do if…” format. They also want clear information on who to contact for help if needed.

“Our project will allow us to create a discharge information resource pack which reflects the needs of patients and their families and / or carers. The pack will be individualised and flexible to meet patients changing care needs following a stroke. We will also be enhancing staff awareness of the new resource pack through workshops and information sessions.

“Initially we want to meet with patients who have had a stroke within the last six months to gain feedback on their experience of being discharged from hospital & the information provided. If you, or anyone you know has had a recent stroke and would be willing to attend a meeting to tell us about your discharge from hospital and the information you received please contact Aishleen before 11 May 2015 on: 07774333321 or email: “.

Pictured are:
Jackie Williams, Ward Sister / Manager, A1 Stroke Ward Antrim, Paula Ford-Hutchinson, Community Stroke Nurse Specialist, Olive MacLeod, Executive Director of Nursing, Elizabeth Graham, Assistant Director of Nursing, Rachel Stevens, Stroke Nurse Specialist, A1 Stroke Ward Antrim, Patricia Holley, Stroke Nurse Specialist, Causeway Stroke Ward, Anne Pearson, QNI Director of Programmes, Aishleen Cunningham, Stroke Patient Experience Facilitator, Linda Patton, Assistant Director of Medical Services, Tony Stevens, Chief Executive, Northern Health and Social Care Trust.

18th May 2015

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