World Autism Week

To celebrate and promote world autism week an Employment Seminar aimed at raising awareness of autism amongst employers will take place on Tuesday 5 April at 2pm – 3.30pm in The Braid, Ballymena Town Hall.

“Research from the National Autistic Society suggests that only about 15% of adults with autism are in full time work. Autistic Adults have much to offer employers, they are often very focussed and have considerable skills in specific areas. Some of the transferable skills include attention to detail, a methodical approach, strong research skills, good long term memory, excellent record-keeping and creativity. They can use their skills in a wide variety of jobs. Employers are missing out on this valuable and untapped resource, possibly because they do not understand autism” according to Shirelle Stewart Director of the National Autistic Society NI says:

The Autism and Employment seminar aims to raise awareness of autism amongst employers, it will outline the benefits of employing autistic adults and provide information about support programmes available to both employers and people with autism. Heather McCarroll is the ASD Co-ordinator for the Northern Trust and she explains why they have decided to focus on this aspect of autism during World Autism Awareness week. She said;

“Since the launch of the Northern Adult Autism Advice Service in January 2014 we have become increasingly aware that individuals with Autism can find it challenging to gain and stay in employment; not because they don’t have the skills, the commitment, or the drive, but because many employers just don’t understand the benefits of employing someone with autism and on occasions this can be due to a lack of awareness by employers. Therefore this is an area that we felt was essential to address and look forward to the informative Autism Employment Seminar”

To attend the event please contact or telephone (028) 2766 1335.

23rd March 2016

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