Upper Limb Therapy for Children

In March 2012 regional work began to develop a tertiary upper limb movement disorder clinic in Northern Ireland for children with neurological movement disorders.

Due to the improved knowledge and skills of paediatric occupational therapists within the Northern Trust, school aged children with a diagnosis of Hemiplegia, were invited to attend a week long treatment group (called High Fives) of intense occupational therapy focusing primarily on hand function in relation to functional tasks. This was the first of this type within the region.

The Trust’s Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service has worked closely with physiotherapy colleagues to enable the children to reach their potential with regards to gross motor skills.

Following the success of the group, this work has been presented to the regional network of occupational therapists, who are now inspired to develop this within their own trusts.

Parents were also invited to an information session to improve awareness and knowledge of the effects of hemiplegia on daily living.

The service has secured funding from the Public Health Agency to run Hemihelp information sessions. Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services are running the group again for school aged children in July 2016.

4th July 2016

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