Northern Trust reviews year

The Northern Trust’s Chairman, Mr Bob McCann, recently launched the Trust’s Annual Report for 2015-2016.

Presenting the report to the Board of Directors, Mr McCann said, “Although demand for services has continued to grow, the Trust has responded positively, delivering high quality care. This is reflected in our receipt of the national CHKS Patient Safety Award.

He added, “This year we opened the Ballymena Health and Care Centre. This flagship facility will support our vision of delivering excellent, integrated services in partnership with the community. We see this as a model for future capital developments.

Chief Executive, Dr Tony Stevens said, “Our focus over the last year has been on service reform and modernisation. This is typified by the exciting new service that enables people with mental health problems, including dementia, to access rapid treatment in our acute hospitals.

Dr Stevens also acknowledged the challenges the Trust faces, saying, “While I can point to many successes in this report, we must recognise the distress caused by longer waiting times. The Trust has effectively reduced delays in some services, most notable in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), and must use this experience to guide us in finding solutions elsewhere.”

Dr Stevens acknowledged the commitment and expertise of staff saying, “We have wonderful staff who are focussed on delivering compassionate individual care while also challenging themselves to develop new and innovative solutions to the challenges we face.”

The Annual Report can be found on the Northern Trust website see Corporate Reports

9th November 2016

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