Northern Trust Locality model now operational across all Trust areas

The Northern Trust has launched a new service model that provides communities with access to a dedicated, local team.

Each team includes community nursing, social work and occupational therapy and is closely aligned to a range of other recovery and support services.  The new model involves the creation of four localities within the Trust; Antrim/Ballymena, Causeway, East Antrim and Mid Ulster.

Phil Hughes, Director of Community Care for the Northern Trust, explained the rationale: “As a Trust we are putting an emphasis on the delivery of locality based, integrated, community services.  It means that rather than services operating in silos, they are now fully integrated for that area.  It also allows teams to work more closely with GP Practices in the area to provide a joined up primary, community and social care service.”

The new model will make best use of an electronic referral system for secondary care meaning that GP’s can organise whatever health or care needs their patients require – through one contact.

Phil continued: “Our strength lies in having a shared position when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our communities. This new development means we can combine our energies and resources and maximise the impact we can have.”

The service will support people in their own homes by identifying those at greatest risk of hospitalisation and putting in place an intervention and support care plan for those at greatest risk.

This is part of the work underway within the Trust to ensure patients can access services in their local community and acute services are retained for those in need of urgent care.

20th April 2017

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