Consultation on Take-A-Break review

04 August 2017

The Northern Trust Board has approved ‘Take-A-Break’ which is a strategic review of its short break services for people with a learning disability.

The Take-A-Break Strategy’s 24 recommendations are aimed to ensure best practice and the better targeting of resources in the provision of short breaks and will modify the way in which short breaks are commissioned, delivered and supported by the Trust.

The Take-A-Break Strategy along with the recommendations and a five year plan went through a period of public consultation from September 2016 to January 2017.

The consultation report is now available and it has been approved by the Northern Trust Board. The Report describes the background to the consultation and gives a summary of the feedback we received and our response to this feedback, including what the next steps are.

The report can be accessed at or by contacting the Trust’s Equality Unit on 028 2766 1377 or at


4th August 2017

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