New Active Pregnancy Programme for Expecting Mums

15 February 2019

The Northern Obesity Partnership in partnership with the Public Health Agency, local councils and the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Midwifery Department, have launched a new Active Pregnancy programme aimed at encouraging expectant mums to get active and stay active.

In 2017 the UK Chief Medical Officer released new guidelines for physical activity during pregnancy which encourages women to aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every week, throughout their pregnancy.

The Active Pregnancy initiative aims to promote the health benefits of maintaining physical activity during pregnancy and also raise awareness of suitable activities which are available for women in their local areas through SureStart programmes and local leisure services including, leisure centers, outdoor gyms and local parks.

Sabrina Lynn, Northern Obesity Partnership Coordinator, Northern Health and Social Care Trust said, “The new CMO guidelines show us that women can benefit from engaging in physical activity throughout their pregnancy. For most women, regular physical activity is safe and will contribute positively to the overall health and wellbeing of both the mother and baby as her body adapts to pregnancy and prepares for birth”.

“With the aim of our Leisure Strategy being to have more people, more active, more often, it is key that we have suitable provision for all user groups to engage in physical activity. The Active Pregnancy programme adds to our ability to extend a provision to this key group, with opportunities to participate in specialist pre and post-natal physical activity in four leisure centers across the Borough.” Matt McDowell, Head of Leisure, Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council.

In order to increase the provision of safe and suitable physical activities for pregnant women within leisure centers, as part of the Active Pregnancy programme, 17 fitness instructors centers across the Trust area have completed a Specialist Designing Pre & Post Natal Exercise qualification. These instructors are qualified to provide specialist advice on physical activity and to adapt exercises to suit women throughout pregnancy.

Leisure centers currently participating in Active Pregnancy include The Antrim Forum, SixMile Leisure Centre, Ballyearl Leisure Centre, Valley Leisure Centre, Coleraine Leisure Centre, Larne Leisure Centre and Seven Towers Leisure Centre.

For more information please contact Claire Ramsey at or on 028 2766 0338 or visit the following websites;

CMO Guidelines –


15th February 2018

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