New information video for patients coming for surgery

With over 30,000 operations per year in the Northern Trust alone, it’s understandable that some patients experience anxiety or are unsure what to expect when they come for their planned procedure, especially if it’s their first time.

In response to a growing number of queries from patients pre-operation, the Northern Trust has created a new video to help patients titled ‘What to expect when attending hospital for planned surgery’.

In less than ten minutes, the video covers all the practical elements patients need to know – such as who to contact in the event of an issue, who they might meet on the day and what to bring, with the aim of reassuring patients and reducing anxiety.

A link to the video is now included in patient confirmation letters, and should help to make the overall experience clearer and easier.  It will really help patients in understanding what to expect when they come for planned surgery.

In the next few weeks you’ll see a number of posters displayed around the trust, and we’ll be creating information cards to give to those patients added to the waiting list for surgery, when they come for their outpatient’s appointment.

21st May 2018

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