Reflections from longest serving member of staff

Reflections from longest serving member of staff

Words of Ruth Patterson, 47 years service

Recently I received a phone call to make me aware that I was the longest serving female employee in the Northern Trust.

Little did I think that when I started working at Knockfergus Children’s home and Baby unit back in 1971 that I would still be working in the Caring profession in 2018, having completed 47 years of unbroken service.

I worked in Ellis Court in Carrickfergus for several years, before transferring to Ellis Grove which provides independent living accommodation for adults with learning difficulties.

With such a span of years I have seen many changes in policy and procedures, have attended many training programmes that helped me to become more receptive to the demands of my daily and constantly changing workload.

I know I am privileged to continue to be part of a dedicated team of Care Support Workers at Ellis Grove who provide a compassionate and thoughtful level of care despite the challenges that are presented every day.

On a personal level what is truly special is knowing that in some small way I have managed to make the lives of some a little better and over the years I have seen successes were both children and adults have been able to live fruitful and positive lives.

Also, I have appreciated the support of many of my colleagues some of whom have also retired but remain long – term friends.

I thoroughly enjoy the variety of care work undertaken, since it is rare that any two days are the same, which likely explains why I have remained in the Trust.

I am wondering now; can I make it to 50 years!

Ruth Patterson
Ellis Grove Support Living Scheme, Carrickfergus



5th July 2018

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