Promoting Good Nutrition and Hydration

23 October 2018

The Northern Trust has launched its three year Nutrition and Hydration strategy entitled ‘Food and Drink Strategy 2018-2021’ to ensure excellent nutritional care is provided to patients, staff and visitors in its facilities.

Nutrition and hydration are essential aspects of maintaining good health and wellbeing, preventing illness and improving recovery of patients. Poor nutrition and hydration leads to poor health, increased and prolonged hospital admissions, and more cost to Health and Social Care services.

Eileen McEneaney, Executive Director of Nursing said:  “We have developed our strategy to promote good nutrition and hydration across the Trust.  Food and drink are an important part of living, of life.  Good nutrition and hydration are essential to help patients make a speedier recovery from illness and for better health.   In the Northern Trust we are committed to providing food of high quality and nutritional value in all our hospitals and community settings across the Trust area.

“In our hospitals, people who are well nourished and well hydrated recover more quickly from illness or surgery, have fewer complications and have a shorter stay.  In our community settings people who are well nourished and well hydrated can live their lives more fully.  As a Trust we also recognise our responsibility as an employer to support our staff, and those who visit our hospitals, to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing and promoting healthier food choices”.

The strategy focuses on four key areas: meeting the nutrition and hydration needs of patients and service users; offering healthier eating choices across Trust facilities for service users and staff; providing specialised nutritional care and Catering Services.

The Food and Drink Strategy has been developed to embed the recommendations outlined in the Department of health document: Promoting Good Nutrition: A strategy for Good Nutritional Care for Adults in Care Settings in Northern Ireland.


23rd October 2018

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