Education programme for first time parents to be

5 November 2018

Every new parent at some point finds the responsibility of having a little person who is completely relying on them overwhelming! In years gone by, new mums would have stayed in hospital for five days after having a baby and had the opportunity to ask the midwives loads of questions and become confident in what to do before they went home. Now, some mums are discharged on the same day as their baby is born.  Our Getting Ready for Baby Programme is offered to all first time parents to be to help them prepare for their new arrival. It involves education classes at the same time as the regular antenatal appointments. Please watch our great information video to find out more.

Phil and Mairead who have been through the programme talk about how it has helped them now their gorgeous son Benjamin has arrived.

Classes cover things like preparing for breastfeeding, bathing the baby, promoting good mental health, bonding, development, labour and birth. It also gives parents to be a chance to meet others at the same stage of pregnancy as them so they can share experiences. Many people who have taken part have made friends and kept in touch and supported each other after their babies were born.

The Programme is available across the Trust area. People can get more information and access it through their community midwife.

5th November 2018

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