Farmers Sing Out for Health and Wellbeing

8 April 2019

The recently formed ‘Farmers Choir,’ organised in partnership between the Northern Trust Health and Wellbeing Team and the Ulster Farmers Union, has met for its first practice of 2019 at the Ballymena Health and care centre.

The choir, which is led by Musical Director Karen Diamond, has over 30 choristers made up of UFU members from Mid and West Antrim. It was established in October 2018 and is already proving a hit with the public, having performed at a UFU Celebration concert held in December.

Yvonne Carson, Health and Wellbeing Manager in the Northern Trust, commented:

“Not only is singing great fun but It also provides a great aerobic workout for heart and lungs and research suggests that singing lowers stress levels, improves posture and makes you happy – when you sing your body produces ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins.

“We thought that as 2018 was the 100th anniversary of the Ulster Farmers Union, a lovely way to mark the occasion would be to form a choir. West and Mid Antrim were very receptive to the idea and recruited the members. Being part of a choir can be a valuable social activity providing community connections which can be important for the often isolated farming community.”

Ivan Johnston West Antrim UFU Manager said: “Everyone who comes along really enjoys the singing sessions and there is a great camaraderie within the group. It’s good to get away from the farm for a while.”


8th April 2019

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