Foster Care Fortnight

This fortnight (13-26 May) is Foster Care Fortnight and the Trust is urgently appealing for foster carers for three young boys in this area.

Deborah O’Brien, Senior Practitioner with the Northern Trust Fostering Team said, “We would be absolutely delighted to find these boys a loving and supportive home.  They are vibrant, lovable children and I know that someone somewhere will be able to offer them the home and support they need.”

My name is Jamie and I am eight years old. I have dark hair, dark eyes and a great smile. I can be funny and talkative. My favourite thing is Imaginary play and pretending to be a bunny. I like to be outdoors and run around. I have lots of energy as I have ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. I get extra help at school as I have Oppositional defiance disorder and high functioning autism. My learning support assistant says with extra help and time I can do anything. At this time my Mum can’t look after me, so I would like to have carers who can provide care and stability for me.

My name is Simon and I am twelve years old.  I am a very chatty pleasant boy with great manners. My favourite thing to do is watch musical films and listen to stories being read. I enjoy going to youth club and playing outside on my scooter. I have a learning disability and Autistic Spectrum Disorder so I go to a school for children with special education needs.  My parents were unable to look after me and my current foster carers no longer can. So I am looking for new carers who can welcome me into their home and give me the stability and care I need.

My name is Joe and I am fourteen years old. I am a very polite teenage boy with a dry sense of humour.  I really enjoy singing, listening to different types of music and going to choir practice. I have a learning disability and Autistic Spectrum disorder, so I go to a school for children with special educational needs. Everyone there speaks really positively of me even though I can be a chatterbox. I need some extra help and lots of encouragement, patience and reassurance as I can be anxious. I am looking for new carers who can look after me – in an understanding and caring way.

Unfortuntely, none of our current foster carers can look after them and provide the care they need.

If you would like to find out more about foster care and giving love and support to children like Simon, Joe and Jamie please contact:

0300 123 1155


Who can foster?

We welcome enquiries irrespective of your race, religion, language, culture, gender, disability, age, and sexual orientation.

It is essential that:

  •  You enjoy the company of children and young people
  •  A child / young person has their own bed in your home
  •  You do not have a police record for violence or sexual offences
  •  You attend training courses designed to help foster carers in the important work that they do
  •  You are available to meet with all the people involved in the child / young person’s life.

You may apply to foster:

Whatever your marital status
Whatever your sexual orientation
Whatever your religious / cultural or ethnic background
Whether you have a disability or medical condition – provided it is stable and does not affect your ability to care for a child / young person
Even if you already have children of your own – provided your children are happy to accept a foster child / young person into your home
Whether or not you work – there are different types of foster care to suit a wide range of employment circumstances
Whether you are retired – provided you are healthy and have plenty of energy to help children / young people for a reasonable period into the future
Whether your own childhood was difficult – provided you have been able to reflect on the experience and can now use this in a positive way to help children / young people.

Application and assessment

Once you express an interest in fostering, your suitability to care for children / young people will be assessed. It is a thorough process but it is necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of any child / young person in your care.
Please see the regional Adoption and Fostercare website for more information.


14th May 2019

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