Hypo Awareness Week campaign

Northern Health and Social Care Trust is taking part in a campaign to raise awareness about, and reduce episodes of, hypoglycaemia as part of Hypo Awareness Week, which runs from Monday 30th September to Sunday 6th October, 2019.

Hypoglycaemia, also known as a hypo, takes place when the blood glucose levels of people with diabetes drop too low. They can feel shaky, unwell and, in extreme cases, can slip into a coma.

The annual campaign aims to raise awareness of hypoglycaemia in the UK by educating healthcare professionals about the short-term complications of diabetes.

Last year, a total of 549 sites, the majority of which were hospitals, across the country took part in Hypo Awareness Week.

Sister Karen McNally, ward manager B2 has said that ‘hypo-awareness week is a good way of keeping diabetes topical. It allows us to identify staff learning needs and gives staff an opportunity to ask questions and expand their knowledge’.

How can you get involved?

As part of a week-long series of activities, the Trust will be staging training events to raise awareness of the condition. Resources, including guidelines, leaflets and educational slides, will be used to help spread the word.




30th September 2019

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