New Recovery College Prospectus launched

Recovery college prospectus

The new Recovery College Summer Prospectus is now available.

The Recovery College exists to allow people to live a satisfying life whether they have continuing difficulties with mental health, care for someone who has or just want to take some time to improve aspects of mental health such as stress or assertiveness.

There are a range of courses, all of which are free and available to anyone interested in Health and Wellbeing. Courses focus on recovery and self-management skills and range in length from half-day workshops to longer courses running for up to 8 weeks.

This year there are six new workshops introduced; Looking after yourself while caring for others, Assertiveness, What is Addiction?, Addiction/Recovery & Beyond, Art for Wellness, Internet Safety and Loneliness.

To obtain a copy of your own or to register for a course please contact the Recovery College on 028 9441 3449 or email.

6th March 2020

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