Virtual Visiting Guide for Antrim, Causeway and Whiteabbey Hospitals

The Northern Trust has produced a virtual visiting guide for Antrim Area Hospital, Causeway Hospital and Whiteabbey Nightingale Hospital.

Virtual Visiting Guide

What will I need?

To visit, you will need an email account, a device (e.g. mobile phone, computer, tablet etc. with Internet access, microphone, camera and speaker. You may need to install Zoom if using a tablet or phone.

How do I arrange a visit?

Contact the ward to arrange a virtual visit, there is no set time to do this. The staff will ask for your email address to send your instructions.

This email contains a blue link to join. You will need this when it is time for your virtual visit.

It won’t take long to download Zoom, but try to do this in advance of your virtual visit. Check below for more information.

How do I visit virtually/ online?

When it is time to visit, click on the link in the email. This will take you to Zoom.

Allow access to your microphone and camera and choose Computer or Internet Audio / Call over Internet when prompted. We will never record your visit

Please be patient, our staff will admit you onto the call as soon as possible

Whether your experience is good or bad, please share your feedback via Care Opinion.

Installing Zoom Cloud Meetings

Some devices already have Zoom installed. To check, look through your icons or tiles. If you see this icon, you already have Zoom installed and do not need to follow these steps.

Zoom can be downloaded from your devices App store.  Look for the Amazon, GooglePlay or Apple App Stores and open it.  In the search bar, search for Zoom Cloud Meetings and Install this software.

Once installed, the App icon will appear on your device.  You do not need an account to virtually visit, you only need to download this App.

You are now ready to visit

We want your feedback

Whether your experience has been good or bad, we want to know! It’s not always possible to visit face to face, but we want your virtual or online visit to be as good an experience as it can be.

We want to hear if your experience was positive or if there was any way we can improve it.

Please share your feedback  on Care Opinion.


Working together to improve your visiting experience



4th March 2021

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