An open letter from our Midwives

Maternity Visiting

From 29 July visiting arrangements for our maternity services changed across the Northern Trust.

Nearly 4,000 babies are born every year within the Northern Trust, and as Midwives it is our priority to keep you and your baby safe, so we must follow the guidance.

A chosen birth partner will be able to join when active labour is established. This is when the cervix is beginning to dilate and mum is experiencing strong moderate contractions. Birth partners can accompany for the duration of labour and birth (including caesarean section) and, for up to three hours after the birth.

Every mum and baby’s experience is different so we will assess on each individual case, but if you have any special requirements please speak to the Midwife in charge.

We do understand your frustrations with larger gatherings taking place in other settings, and many ask “what is the difference?” The difference is, within our setting we are surrounded by the most vulnerable people in our community, including our pregnant women and their babies.

The health of you and your baby is our priority and we need to keep you safe. We too would love nothing more than to see maternity services return to how they once were pre-covid times. We love welcoming families into the unit to meet their new bundle of joy, however we should not be verbally abused for continuing to keep you safe. Please help us get through these challenging times.

Read the full maternity visiting and outpatients guidance

10th August 2021

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