Accessing personal information

The General Data Protection Regulation allows individuals to access their own information, while at the same time protecting individuals’ personal information from inappropriate use or disclosure.


Health & Social Care is experiencing unprecedented pressures due to COVID 19. The Information Commissioner’s Office have issued guidance recognising that, as resources might be diverted away from usual compliance or information governance work, understandable delays may be experienced by those making information rights requests during the pandemic. The Trust understands the significance of your request and we will endeavour to meet the required deadlines in all situations. However, we would appreciate your forbearance during these exceptional circumstances. Should you wish to speak to a member of staff, please contact 028 2766 1293.


How the Trust uses your information

The Trust records information about you so that you can receive proper care and treatment. Where necessary, the Trust may use your information, for example, to prepare statistics, to investigate complaints or carry out audits. Sometimes it may be necessary to share your information with others but how this can be done is governed by the current Data Protection Legislation.

Privacy Notices

The Trust has produced the following Privacy Notices.

Protecting and using your information
Information for patients and service users

How we use your information
Easy Read childrens privacy notice

If the Trust holds personal information about you, you can request access to your information by putting your request in writing, or by completing the application form below.

Request for access to records application form

Simply complete and sign the form and send it to our Information Governance Office.

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