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How your money has been spent

Charitable Trust Funds were utilised to deliver a wide range of activities to provide comforts and benefits to the users of our services and would not have been possible without the generosity of the donors to the Charitable Trust Funds.

Examples include:

  • £15,000 from the Antrim Neonatal Unit fund was utilised to provide additional services to premature infants and their parents such as parent support groups, and volunteers were matched with families to provide support services at home and in the community when babies are discharged.  There are also various types of sessions set up to provide emotional and practical support to parents who have spent time on the Neonatal Unit.
  • £4,648 was utilised from the Trust Wide General fund to purchase iPads for use within the virtual visiting project, which was rolled out across all inpatient facilities within the Trust.  The programme was enhanced from the use of iPhones to the use of iPad as screens were too small for patients to fully benefit from the virtual visit.   This gave patients a feeling of inclusion to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness because of the COVID-19 visiting restrictions.  The programme enabled the Trust to offer an inclusive service regardless of location and ability.
  • £450 was utilised by the Antrim Paediatric Diabetes fund to print booklets for the Carbohydrate, Insulin, Collaborative Education (CHOICE) Structured Education Programme.  These booklets provided the patients and their families with information to assist in monitoring and controlling their diabetes as well as other essential information.
  • Visiting restrictions due to COVID-19 restricted many Christmas events so the Trust Wide Palliative Care Fund utilised £1,700 for a virtual carol service within the Macmillan Palliative Care Unit.  Equipment and services were purchased to allow family members of inpatients in the Macmillan Unit to join the virtual carol service.  This helped to create a sense of inclusion and helped support families and patients at a difficult time of year.

Further detail on the wide range of activities funded from Charitable Trust Funds is available within the Annual Trustees Report.

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