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How your money has been spent

Charitable Trust Funds were utilised to deliver a wide range of activities to provide comforts and benefits to the users of our services and would not have been possible without the generosity of the donors to the Charitable Trust Funds.

Examples of where donations were spent

2022 – 2023

George Sloane Memorial Centre CTF- £23,118

£23,118 was utilised from the George Sloane Memorial Centre CTF to purchase a wheelchair swing and a pod swing for the use of service users at the day centre.  This will provide greater accessibility for service users who use wheelchairs to engage in the use of the recreational equipment, providing stimulation, increasing their mood and reducing challenging behaviours.

Antrim Neonatal Unit CTF – £3,677

£3,677 was utilised from the Antrim Neonatal Unit CTF for the purchase of two recliner chairs for mums whilst breastfeeding.  This additional comfort for mothers will help encouragement kangaroo care (skin to skin) which is extremely important for bonding and reducing stress for mothers. The chairs also ensure mothers are in a comfortable position, providing additional support for mothers and babies.

Antrim Stroke CTF – £3,290

£3,290 was utilised from the Antrim Stroke CTF to purchase two Milano Seating Systems.  These seating systems will give support, comfort and pressure management to stroke patients within Antrim Area Hospital with low to medium support needs. The Milano is a great solution for pressure ulcer treatment and prevention thus making it a great way to accommodate stroke patients who are at risk of pressure sores while still allowing them to comfortably sit upright.

Spring Meadows Children’s CTF – £2,466

Spring Meadows Children’s Home utilised £2,466 from the Spring Meadows Children’s CTF for the purchase of a sensory garden.  A sensory garden will provide a therapeutic place for the young people as well as giving them a chance to explore their senses in a safe and fun environment.

Holywell Hospital Patient Comforts CTF – £2,400

£2,400 was utilised from the Holywell Hospital Patient Comforts CTF for the purchase of reflexology and Indian head massage therapies for service users within the Carrick 4 Unit at Holywell Hospital.  This will provide the opportunity for service users to relax and relieve stress which will improve their health and wellbeing.

Antrim Renal Unit CTF – £2,318

£2,318 was utilised from the Antrim Renal Unit CTF to engage the services of an artist to facilitate an art project for patients with dialysis within Antrim Area Hospital.  This project provided comfort to patients with dialysis, increasing their sense of relaxation, improving self-esteem and building relationships between patients and staff.

Trust-wide General CTF – £1,500

The Cookstown Mental Health Team utilised £1,500 from the Trustwide General CTF to purchase paintings for the Cookstown Community Services Centre. These paintings will be used within the interview room, enhancing the environment and comfort for service users and improving service user experience.

Causeway Maternity Mother and Baby CTF – £1,250

£1,250 was utilised from the Causeway Maternity Mother and Baby CTF for staff to attend a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course.  This training will support the development of a pregnancy yoga service for women in the Causeway locality, enhance the normal birth pathway and reduce stress and anxiety among pregnant women.

Causeway Intensive Care CTF – £1,050

£1,050 was utilised from the Causeway Intensive Care CTF to fund staff from Causeway and Mid Ulster theatres to attend the Regional Association of Perioperative Practice Conference.  Attending this conference will allow the theatre management team the opportunity to network regionally and explore the possibility of developing new roles in the theatre areas to help bolster staff theatre recruitment and stabilise the theatre workforce, enhancing patient safety and quality of care.

Magherafelt Adult Centre CTF – £700

The Magherafelt Adult Centre utilised £700 from the Magherafelt Adult Centre CTF to engage the services of a band to provide music at the service users formal held at The Wild Duck Inn.  Service users requested a band so they could have an enjoyable evening of dancing and singing after the lockdown period, providing entertainment and comfort for the service users benefit.

Pinewood Old Peoples Home fund – £610

Pinewood Care Home utilised £610 from the Pinewood Old Peoples Home fund to purchase outdoor seating for residents of the home.  This seating will improve the health and wellbeing of residents while in rehabilitation.

Pavestone Centre CTF – £500

£500 was utilised from the Pavestone Centre CTF to fund two Movement Improvement Fitness Courses for service users attending the Pavestone Centre.  Engagement in the courses promotes improved health and wellbeing as well as building confidence and self-esteem in service users.

2021 – 2022

Causeway General fund – £3,355

The multi-disciplinary team in Dalriada Hospital utilised £3,355 from the Causeway General fund for two Configura comfort chairs. These chairs provide enhanced support and comfort for patients within the hospital as well as being compatible with manual handling equipment, providing additional comfort and safety for dependent patients.

Antrim Hospital Stroke fund – £5,907

£5,907 was utilised from the Antrim Hospital Stroke fund to purchase electro-cardiogram (ECG) arrhythmia detection devices used to identify Atrial Fibrillation in stroke patients. These devices help the need for cardiology referrals and investigations and the patients can be sent home with the device to continue monitoring at home, therefore, reducing the length of stay.  The devices also optimise the accurate detection of Atrial Fibrillation in stroke patients through its advanced technology in monitoring and recording real time.

Antrim Paediatric Diabetes fund – £1,632

£1,632 was utilised from the Antrim Paediatric Diabetes fund to purchase a relaxation sensory trolley which incorporates a projector sensory fibre optic light and bubble tube. This equipment will enhance the inpatient and ward attender journey for many children and infants including children with special needs.  It will provide distraction for children during stressful procedures and because it is portable, it can be taken to any area on the ward.

General Trust-wide fund – £2,318

Ward A5 in Antrim Area Hospital utilised £2,318 for ‘distraction tools’ from the General Trustwide fund for use by patients diagnosed with Delirium. This was part of the Regional Delirium Pathway Rollout and was incorporated into the management and treatment of patients with Delirium, enhancing the patients experience and helping improve outcomes for patients.

Antrim Renal Unit fund – £25,000

£25,000 was utilised from the Antrim Renal Unit fund to purchase a Transonic Machine for Arteriovenous Fistulas (AVF’s). AVF’s provide essential vascular access for patients with established renal failure to ensure safe and optimal haemodialysis treatment.  The Transonic machine will assist in assessing, monitoring and surveillance to reduce complication in AVF’s and contribute to enhancing patients experience.

Holywell Hospital General fund – £911

The Dementia Ward in Holywell Hospital utilised £911 from the Holywell Hospital General fund for the purchase of gym equipment for use in the gym. Physical activity is well evidenced to assist in the treatment of anxiety and depression and also assists in the management of the co-morbid conditions associated with premature ill health and morbidity in those with enduring mental health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Causeway Accident and Emergency fund – £1,934

£1,934 was utilised from the Causeway Accident and Emergency fund for the purchase of a Cuddle Cot to assist bereaved families and facilitate bringing home deceased babies to spend precious time with them. This time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby and helps them in dealing with their loss.

Antrim United Hospital Trust Chemotherapy fund – £7,775

£7,775 was utilised from the Antrim United Hospital Trust Chemotherapy fund, throughout the year, for counselling services for patients, relatives and carers for patients with cancer diagnosis. This has helped patients and their families receive timely support to help them cope with the diagnosis or living with cancer.

Causeway Paediatric Diabetes fund – £1,015

£1,015 was utilised from the Causeway Paediatric Diabetes fund for an event at The Lake Waterpark, Kilrea. This event was for young people across the Trust suffering from Diabetes and provided an enjoyable activity aimed at improving the mental and physical wellbeing of those young people attending.

Millbrook Resource Centre fund – £450

Millbrook Resource Centre utilised £450 from the Millbrook Resource Centre fund for Circus Workshops organised for their service users. These workshops helped service users improve their mental health and wellbeing by learning new skills, integrating with others and enjoying participation in the various activities.

Causeway Mountfern Adult Centre General fund – £1,450

The Mountfern Adult Centre utilised £1,450 from the Causeway Mountfern Adult Centre General fund to purchase two greenhouses. This will provide interaction and stimulation to service users who will be able to grow plants, flowers and vegetables, improving their comfort and enjoyment.

Antrim Maternity General fund – £2,486

£2,486 was utilised from the Antrim Maternity General fund for the purchase of breast pumps to be loaned out to mothers who are having issues with milk supply. Providing breast pumps to mothers who are struggling to maintain or increase milk supply will support these mothers to breastfeed for longer and benefit both women and babies by improving the long term health outcomes.


Antrim Neonatal Unit fund – £15,000

This was utilised to provide additional services to premature infants and their parents such as parent support groups, and volunteers were matched with families to provide support services at home and in the community when babies are discharged.  There are also various types of sessions set up to provide emotional and practical support to parents who have spent time on the Neonatal Unit.

Trust-wide General fund – £4,648

This was used to purchase iPads for use within the virtual visiting project, which was rolled out across all inpatient facilities within the Trust.  The programme was enhanced from the use of iPhones to the use of iPad as screens were too small for patients to fully benefit from the virtual visit.   This gave patients a feeling of inclusion to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness because of the COVID-19 visiting restrictions.  The programme enabled the Trust to offer an inclusive service regardless of location and ability.

Antrim Paediatric Diabetes fund – £450

This was used to print booklets for the Carbohydrate, Insulin, Collaborative Education (CHOICE) Structured Education Programme.  These booklets provided the patients and their families with information to assist in monitoring and controlling their diabetes as well as other essential information.

Trust Wide Palliative Care Fund – £1,700

Visiting restrictions due to COVID-19 restricted many Christmas events so the Trust Wide Palliative Care Fund utilised £1,700 for a virtual carol service within the Macmillan Palliative Care Unit.  Equipment and services were purchased to allow family members of inpatients in the Macmillan Unit to join the virtual carol service.  This helped to create a sense of inclusion and helped support families and patients at a difficult time of year.

Further detail on the wide range of activities funded from Charitable Trust Funds is available within the Annual Trustees Report.

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