Structure, Governance and Management

The Charitable Trust Funds held by the Trust are governed by the Health and Personal Social Services (NI) Order 1972. The Trust Board acts as ‘corporate trustee’ for the Charitable Trust Funds. Trust Board members are recruited by the Department of Health in accordance with its recruitment procedures and are appointed by the Minister for Health.

Charitable Trust Fund Advisory Committee

The Charitable Trust Fund Advisory Committee is the committee responsible for providing assurance to the Northern Health and Social Trust Board on all aspects of the stewardship and management of funds donated or bequeathed to the Northern Health and Social Trust.

The members of the Charitable Trust Fund Advisory Committee are:

  • Two Non-Executive Directors, one of whom shall act as the Committee’s Chairperson
  • The Executive Director of Finance and Estates
  • The Executive Director of Medicine or his/her nominee
  • The Director of Operations
  • Divisional Directors representing the Operational Management Team Divisions

The roles and responsibilities of the Charitable Trust Fund Advisory Committee in relation to the management and governance of the CTFs were set out within a Terms of Reference.

The role of the Committee is to oversee the administration, including banking arrangements, of Charitable Trust Funds, their investment and disbursement.  The responsibility for expending the Charitable Trust Funds remains with the individual fund managers.

The normal purposes to which funds may be applied include all relevant expenditure likely to assist in the provision of health and social services in accordance with current legislation relating to Charitable Trust Funds as well as Standing Financial Instructions, and associated operational procedures of the Northern Health and Social Trust.

The Committee will:

  • Satisfy itself that Charitable Trust Funds are managed in line with guidance in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust’s Standing Financial Instructions, Departmental guidance and legislation;
  • Ratify the creation of a new fund, where funds and/or other assets are received from donors in circumstances where the wishes of the donor cannot be accommodated within the scope of an existing fund;
  • Make recommendations on the potential for rationalisation of funds within statutory guidelines and take appropriate action;
  • Ensure that assets in the ownership of, or used by, a Charitable Trust Fund will be maintained with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust’s general estate and inventory of assets;
  • Ensure that a strategic approach is adopted with regard to Charitable Trust Fund expenditure and that Directorates produce and implement annual expenditure plans relating to all funds at their disposal;
  • Use their best endeavours to ensure that funds are not unduly or unnecessarily accumulated;
  • Ensure that expenditure from Charitable Trust Funds is subject to appropriate value for money considerations including proper procurement procedures where applicable;
  • Ensure that Annual Accounts are prepared in accordance with Department of Health’s guidelines and submitted to the Northern Health and Social Care Trust’s Board within agreed timescales;
  • Ensure that a Trustees Report is produced as part of the annual accounts process for Charitable Trust Funds; and
  • On behalf of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Board, and on the advice of the Senior Management Team, the Committee will authorise appropriate policies and procedures in relation to Charitable Trust Funds.

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