Our governance arrangements are based on an integrated governance model that links financial governance, risk management and clinical and social care governance.

The Trust is responsible for providing high quality care which is safe for patients and clients, visitors and staff.

Systems in place include:

Clinical and Social Care Audit and Effectiveness

The Trust encourages staff involvement in quality improvement activities which seek to improve patient and client care and outcomes. We will review care and treatment provided on a regular basis to ensure that it is meeting patients’ and clients’ needs and that patients and clients have the best possible outcome and experience from their contact with us.

The team involved in providing your care and treatment may need to review your health or social care records and you may be asked for your views. We will introduce improvements and review these regularly to ensure they are effective.

Risk Management

Processes are in place for identifying, analysing and controlling risks with the aim of eliminating or reducing these to an acceptable level and by doing so improve the experience and safety of patients, clients, visitors and staff.

The Corporate Register of Top Risks, as identified by Senior Management Team, is subject to Trust Board review on a bi-monthly basis. These risks represent the most immediate safety, financial, service and/or threats to the reputation of the Trust and action being taken is summarised.

Incident Reporting

Recording, reporting, managing and learning from incidents is important. All staff in the organisation are responsible for reporting incidents. If an incident occurs which results in harm to a patient, client or visitor a ‘Being Open’ meeting will be offered.

A full and honest explanation will be provided and an apology given.

If you experience an unexpected event or circumstance which resulted in or could have resulted in injury to yourself or loss or damage to your property as a result of your contact with the Trust or its staff it is important that you tell us. Similarly, notify us if you have a worry or concern about something which could potentially cause you harm as a result of your contact with us.

Service User feedback
Personal and Public Involvement

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) is the independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting the availability and quality of health and social care services in Northern Ireland and encouraging improvements in the quality of those services. Registration and Inspection Reports, Clinical and Social Care Governance Reviews, RQIA Review Reports and unannounced hygiene inspections can be viewed at  RQIA


Department of Health

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