Organisational Structure

The Trust has an Executive Team comprising the Chief Executive and six executive directors: Director of Operations; Paediatrics Women’s Services and Corporate Support; Social Work; Medicine; Finance/Deputy Chief Executive and the Director of Human Resources, Organisation Development and Corporate Communications.

Our Executive Directors and responsibilities

Trust services are delivered through operational divisions.  Each division is managed by a Divisional Director reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Operations.  One of the Divisional Directors, the Director of Children and Young People’s Division, is also the Director of Social Work and a member of the Executive Team.

Our Divisional Directors and responsibilities

Corporate Governance

Our Trust Board is constituted by the Department of Health and is responsible for the strategic direction and control of the Trust.  The Board is the primary Governing Body of the Trust.  Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors are members of the Board.  Other Directors and Divisional Directors also attend Trust Board meetings.

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