Future model for acute paediatric services

The nature of children’s services has changed radically in recent years with a sharp decline in the numbers and lengths of stay of children treated as hospital in-patients. More care is now provided in the community, outpatient departments and within rapid access or ambulatory care settings. This shift away from hospital in-patient care is in line with the aims of numerous recent reports on the future of health and social care services in Northern Ireland, such as Transforming Your Care, the Donaldson Report, and most recently the Minister’s vision ‘Delivering Together’, informed by the expert panel lead by Professor Bengoa which focuses on “systems, not structures”.

We would like to consult with you on how we propose to deliver our hospital paediatric services in the future. We aim to offer local people excellent health care that can be sustained over time and we look forward to this period of consultation to give us an opportunity to listen to your views.

Consultation documents

If you would like us to send you a copy of the consultation document or screening template, please contact the Equality Unit.

If you have any queries about these documents, and their availability in alternative formats (including Braille, disk, audio cassette and minority languages), contact the Equality Unit.

You can give your views by completing the consultation either online or in word.

We welcome your comments in any format. Please send your comments to the Equality Unit.

Comments should be returned by 26 February 2018.

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