How can I get involved?

There are a lot of different ways to get involved with the Northern Trust which will help us to develop and improve the services we deliver. Some examples would be to attend a focus group or meeting, join our user panels and forums and participate in patient surveys.

A number of services have established service user panels, which meet regularly.

If you are interested in becoming involved, we would like you to get in touch.

Join our Involvement Network

The Northern HSC Trust Involvement Network is made up of service users, carers and representative groups who live or are based in the Northern Trust area.  There are currently over 300 members.

The Involvement Network are offered opportunities to support the Trust and help us to improve our services. We may be in contact with you to help us plan and review services, or even be in touch when we are thinking about developing support information, such as leaflets or service user information packs, for input from you on the layout, colours, that it is accessible and in a format that is easy to understand.  We also send out information that may be of interest to you about support available in the local area and any upcoming training opportunities.

Carer Pathway Steering Group

The Trust’s Carer Pathway Steering Group is a carer-led forum to promote partnership and effective communication between carers and the Trust.  The Group ensures effective engagement with carers in relation to services and works to raise the profile of informal, unpaid family carers across the Trust area.  Both Chair and Deputy Chair positions are held by carers.

Older Peoples Panel

The role of the Older Peoples Panel is to ensure effective consultation with older people and to monitor the implementation of the Older People’s Strategies – ‘Adding Life to Years’ and ‘Living Well Ageing Better’.

Disability Consultation Panel

The Disability Consultation Panel influences the work of the all five Disability Action Plan work streams, ensuring implementation of regional good practice at local level and monitoring the implementation of the Trust’s Disability Action Plan

Engagement Advisory Board

Given the challenges faced by health and social care we are open to new ideas and ways of working and have publicly advertised the opportunity to become a member of a new Engagement Advisory Board.  Membership of the Board will reflect all the communities we serve and will work with Trust staff to ensure we are approaching our engagement in a way that meets the needs and interests of all communities, with a focus on targeting the most hard to reach groups.

Acute Co-Production Partnership

The role of the Acute Co-Production Partnership is to ensure effective service user and carer engagement in the development and review of Acute Hospital services.

The Learning Disability Forum

The role of The Learning Disability Forum is to make the Trust more accessible. The Forum assists with interviewing staff, training staff, and making information more accessible. The Forum is service user led.


If you are interested in being involved in any of the groups above then we will support you in a number of different ways.  We will provide you with the appropriate information and any training that you require, reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses and provide you with any personal support that you may need.

Feedback from engagement events you have been involved in

Rheumatology Physio Focus Group (April 2022)

Robinson Refurbishment Engagement Event (Feb 2022)

Post Covid Focus Group (Feb 2022)

Acute Frailty Unit Engagement Event (Oct 2021)

My Journey Service User and Carer Engagement Event (Sep 2021)
Creating Connections Engagement Event (Sep 2021)
Ambulance Arrival and Handover Service User and Carer Engagement Event (Mar 2021)

‘Phone First’ Service User and Carer Engagement Event Feedback Report (Nov 2020)
Nightingale Service User and Carer Event Feedback Report (Nov 2020)
Virtual Consultation Service User and Carer Engagement Event Feedback Report

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