Health and Wellbeing

Nothing is more important than good health. That’s why we focus on your wellbeing, supporting our colleagues in achieving a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the workplace.


Health and Wellbeing is about looking after both your body and your mind. Our Trust has developed the i-matter wellbeing hub to support you and your family. To log-in please use the following details:

  • Username: NorthernTrust
  • Password: i-matter

Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service

Our Trust Occupational Health Team perform a variety of roles to to help promote and maintain your health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy

The aim of the occupational health physiotherapy service is to help staff rehabilitate back to work following a period of absence and maintain fitness for their job.

Occupational Health provides a wide range of services some of which include:

  • Undertaking pre-placement health screening;
  • Checking vaccination status, follow up of sharps injuries to staff,
  • Provision of fast track physiotherapy assessment for staff experiencing musculoskeletal problems;
  • Providing specialist opinion on employees fitness for work and recommendations on the rehabilitation of staff back to work following a period of sickness absence.

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