Unlocking Your Potential

At the Northern Trust we recognise the importance of personal development, which is why we offer a range of opportunities to suit you.

Directory of Courses

Here at the Northern Trust we are committed to nurturing our people, enabling our talent and building our teams to help each of us contribute effectively to deliver our TeamNORTH objectives To support this, we have a Corporate Learning Directory which sets out the range of corporate learning and development opportunities available in our Trust, including statutory and mandatory training relating to your role, as well as learning to enhance personal development and wellbeing, people management and leadership skills, and links to clinical and social service training.


Trust staff have access to a suite of digital eLearning courses, which provides 24/7 access to the training and digital resources.

Leadership Pathways

The Trust is committed to developing our Team North Leaders by providing diverse opportunities to learn, grow and build leadership capability. We have designed a series of Leadership Pathways to support leadership development at all levels across our Trust.

Assistance to Study

We encourage our staff to develop through undertaking training, development or education. Our Assistance to Study policy has been designed to guide staff in how to access support.

Coaching within the Northern Trust

Coaching is all about thought-provoking conversations that inspire people to maximise their personal and professional potential. This can be done in a 1-1 setting with a Trust coach, or by using a ‘coach approach’ when interacting with colleagues and team members. Coaching conversations are goal-oriented, and can help unlock potential, support you to achieve ambitions and goals, and inspire you to think about ways to overcome challenges.

Within our Trust we have a network of formally trained coaches, who have all passed the ILM Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. Our coaches come from all different directorates and divisions throughout the Trust, and regularly attend supervision sessions to keep their practice up to date and ethical. Unlike mentoring, your coach doesn’t need to be senior to you, nor do they need a working knowledge of your area of work and expertise. Some people think coaching is reserved for managers, but the truth is that all of us can benefit from coaching.

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