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We are all living longer due to improved social/environmental conditions and improved healthcare – this is something to be celebrated.

Evidence suggests that the majority of older people live full independent lives and contribute to society in many positive ways, e.g. as carers, through volunteering, looking after grandchildren.

It is often said that getting older is not something to look forward to – there can be several changes and transitions as we age including retirement and not feeling as fit as we once were. Coping with change is difficult, no matter how old we are.  How we handle these changes is the key – if they are balanced with a positive approach you have a formula for ageing well.

Advice and information

We have provided general advice in this section of our website which is aimed at a healthy ageing population.  It does not apply to anyone with special dietary requirements, frail people or people who are seriously ill.  If you are under medical supervision, check with your GP or other health professional regarding the advice.

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