Smoke Free sites

The Northern Trust, in line with all Trusts in Northern Ireland, introduced a Smoke Free Policy in March 2016.

Smoke free means that smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not allowed in the grounds of ANY Trust facility. There have been many successes with this policy with a reduction in the number of people smoking on site. However, there are still some ‘hotspot’ areas where smoking continues.   All service users, staff and visitors to our sites should adhere to our Smoke Free Policy.

Everyone has the right to walk through smoke free air.

By creating a smoke free environment, the Trust is helping people to take a big step forward to quit their habit and live healthier lives.

Stopping smoking is the single greatest thing that people can do to improve their health.  It not only protects and improves their health and the health of those around them but also helps to denormalise smoking for children.

Specialist stop smoking help is widely available for those who want to quit smoking through GPs or pharmacists, visit Stop Smoking to find your nearest one or through the Trust’s Stop Smoking Service. If you are coming into hospital as a patient, ask Ward staff for advice.

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