Medical staff and ward rounds

Medical staff and ward rounds

The Consultant leads a team of doctors to include a Specialist Registrar (SpR), Core Trainees / Associate Specialists, Foundation 2 doctors and Foundation 1 doctors. This may vary slightly from ward to ward and there may also be nurses, pharmacists and physician associates on the ward round.

Consultants are specialists in their field. Surgeons (Consultants in the surgical specialties) are called ‘Mr’ or ‘Miss’ and Physicians (Consultants in the Medical specialties) are called ‘Dr’.

If you have been admitted from a waiting list or out-patient clinic you may already be familiar with the Consultant who leads a team of doctors. These doctors will be responsible for your medical care during your stay.

If you have been admitted as an emergency your Consultant will be the one who is responsible for taking admissions on that day. It may be necessary for you to be referred to another Consultant during your stay, but you will be informed of all referrals made.

You will always be under the care of a named Consultant, whether you visit the hospital as an out-patient or are admitted as an in-patient, however, you may not always see the Consultant. In out-patient clinics the SpR sees many of the patients. On the ward, if your named Consultant is away for any reason, an SpR will be responsible for your care and has access to other Consultants’ advice if needed.

Each Consultant visits the wards regularly to review their patients. Please ask the ward staff for the day and time that your Consultant visits the ward. Although you may not see your Consultant daily, the team of doctors visit the wards each day (Monday to Friday) and are usually available to answer any questions you or your family or carers may have regarding your condition.

If you or your family or carers specifically want to see the Consultant please contact the Consultant’s secretary to make arrangements – the ward staff have the secretary’s contact details. In these cases it is helpful if one member of the family acts as a spokesperson as it is not possible for Consultant staff to see several relatives on different occasions.


Doctors, nurses and other health professionals to include physiotherapists, radiographers, physician associates and pharmacists are trained in the hospital. Your Consultant may ask you if you are agreeable to be the patient for a teaching session. If you prefer not to be involved with this let the ward staff know. Your decision will not affect your care in any way.

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