Telephone enquiries

Relative enquiries

Relatives/friends can enquire about how you are doing during your stay in hospital by contacting the hospital switchboard and asking to be put through to the appropriate ward.

While hospital staff encourage close relatives and friends to ask about patients during their hospital stay, it is best if full information is only given to one close relative or friend whom the patient has chosen.  Other relatives and friends should (were possible) be asked to contact this person for information.

Staff usually will not discuss details of your care over the telephone unless a specific arrangement has been made.


Mobile phones

Mobile telephones can interfere with medical equipment and may cause a disturbance to others therefore they may only be used safely in the following areas:

• Reception and entrance / exit areas
• Day rooms
• Café areas
• Public corridors

Mobile camera / video phones and other photographic devices must not be used in a ward setting without the consent of the individual to be photographed.

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