Base “Drop-In” Centres

The Northern Trust’s Day Opportunities Programme has developed a number of Base (“Drop-In”) Centres, many in partnership with independent sector providers, where adults with a learning disability can meet and make friends in their own community.

There is a Base “Drop-In” Co-ordinator at each Base to act as support and Co-ordinator of the centre and its outreach activities. There may be a pool of volunteers to assist the co-ordinators in activities. Structured Activities include:

  • Reading and visiting the library
  • Swimming, walking, dancing and yoga
  • Watching television and going to the cinema
  • Snooker/pool
  • Bowls
  • Golf
  • Listening to music
  • Shopping
  • Gardening
  • Eating out
  • Arts and crafts

Generally, people attend a Base as part of a package of community-based day services on the days when they are not at college, volunteering, in social enterprise or in supported employment.

The progress of this opportunity is continually monitored through the Northern Trust’s Day Opportunities Programme

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