Day Opportunities Co-ordinator

The Northern Trust’s Day Opportunities Programme has a team of Day Opportunities Co-ordinators. It is their role to connect adults with a learning disability, referred to the programme by their “named workers,” to a range of community-based providers in keeping with the individual’s needs and aspirations.

Each Day Opportunities Co-ordinator will be assigned to an individual and will have the necessary knowledge of how to access community-based day opportunities within that applicant’s home area and will make applications; place; monitor and maintain a “package” of community-based opportunities for the individual.

A Day Opportunities Co-ordinator will have the necessary knowledge of transport options to assist the applicant and their carer in sourcing appropriate transport options to travel to and from the opportunity chosen.

It is the role of the Day Opportunities Co-ordinator to share information provided to them by the applicant’s “Named Worker” with the community Provider to ensure the applicant’s special support needs can and will be met.

A Day Opportunities Coordinator will assist the individual and/or their family/carers with difficulties or problems which may arise in their package of day opportunities.

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