Supported Employment

The Northern Trust’s Day Opportunities Programme, with the Department for Employment and Learning, has developed partnerships with supported employment providers across the Trust to place, train, maintain and progress adults with learning disabilities in vocational opportunities. The majority of participants on the Day Opportunities programme have the goal of achieving an active working life through supported employment.

What is Supported Employment:

“Supported Employment facilitates people with significant disabilities to access real jobs, in a real work environment with appropriate on-going support,” (Northern Ireland Union of Supported Employment; NIUSE; 2011).

The supported employment provider assesses the individuals needs and places the participant into a vocational opportunity. Initially a job coach will accompany the participant to enable them to contribute effectively to the workforce and to optimise progression in their vocational life.

Supported employment can vary depending on what the participant’s likes and dislikes are. Opportunities can include working in a bakery, opticians, supermarket or day nursery.

The progress of this opportunity is continually monitored through the Northern Trust’s Day Opportunities Programme.

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