If your GP thinks you have symptoms that could be caused by breast cancer, they will refer you to the breast clinic to see a breast consultant.

At the breast clinic

The Trust breast screening clinic is located at Antrim Hospital and operates a ‘one stop’ breast clinic which usually means you can have your tests and get results on the same day.

At the clinic, a member of the Breast Care nurse specialist team will call your name and take you into a consultation room. The breast specialist will examine your breasts and the lymph nodes in your armpits. They will then explain which investigations you will need.

At the clinic patients may be asked questions about:

  • symptoms- pain, lumps or nipple discharge
  • periods
  • menopause
  • whether they have been on the pill or HRT
  • if they have children
  • history of family breast disease

At the breast clinic, patients may then be sent for further diagnostic investigations by the breast consultant.

These investigations are detailed in our next section.

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