Support during Chemotherapy

The patient support team at Laurel House

The team at Laurel House consists of staff with specialist training from several disciplines within the hospital.

The team works with your consultant to achieve the best quality of life possible for you, your family and friends during your treatment.

How others can support you when you are having chemotherapy

Support groups

Attending a support group can help put you in touch with other people having similar treatment.  Talking with other people can be a good way of discussing your feelings, and you can pick up some useful coping tips.  Our Macmillan Information & Support Service can give you details of your local support groups. Details of the information & Support service can be found here

Amy Wilson

Family and friends

Family and friends often want to help you.  However, they may find it difficult to understand exactly what you are going through.  Good communication is important.  Just at a time when you feel your friends and family should be helping, they may stand back and wait for you to make the first move.  This is often because they are worried they may say the wrong thing, or they think you may want to cope alone.  They may also be feeling emotional themselves.

Try to be open and honest about how your treatment is going and how you feel about it.  Misunderstandings can then be avoided and family and friends are given the chance to show their love and support.

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