Catering Services

The Northern Trust offers a wide variety of catering services for patients, service users, staff and visitors. We  are committed to providing a safe, quality, nutritious and value for money catering service.

Hospital inpatient Catering Services

Hospital patient menus include a vegetarian and healthy eating choice, as well as special selections for children and patients in cardiology wards. A special choice to suit patients with religious or cultural traditions can be arranged, by asking the nursing staff during your stay in hospital.

The patient menu provided is available in additional languages. It offers a varied menu for all meals each day. A beverage service is also provided in addition to breakfast, lunch and an evening meal.

Food Allergies and Intolerances. Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order.

Meal Times

We are committed to ensuring that all patients and service users within the Trust have the opportunity to enjoy mealtimes and good quality food. For many patients and clients, the mealtime experience is an important part of their day amidst the care routine;  It is therefore in the patient’s and service owner’s best interests to provide a safe, uninterrupted quiet atmosphere so that adequate nutrition and an opportunity for social interaction can take place amongst the patients/ service owners and the staff caring for them. This can only be achieved by good leadership in order to plan and prepare the mealtime event. Missed or delayed meals or incorrect ordering or experiences of interruptions during mealtimes can compromise the quality and safety of mealtimes and subsequently have a negative impact on nutritional intake, health and well-being.

Our pledge is; Putting Patients First at Mealtimes.

Main meals are served between the following times:

Breakfast: 7:30am – 9:00am
Lunch: 12noon – 1.15pm
Evening meal: 5.30pm – 6.15pm

We encourage all patients to take part in catering surveys during their stay in hospital to give feedback on the service so that we can continue to improve.

Information for visitors

Visitors are requested to help ensure our patients only eat safe foods.

Visitors are not permitted to bring in high risk foods.

Always check with the Nursing or Care Staff prior to bringing in any food, snacks, sweets or drinks.

Individual requests can be provided by advising our nursing team who will in turn contact the local Catering Department.



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