Drug and alcohol misuse service for young people (DAMHS)

Drug and Alcohol Mental Health Service (DAMHS)

Research shows that a significant proportion of young people (as high as 30%) referred to CAMHS admit to using drugs and alcohol.  DAMHS work closely with the wider CAMHS service and also with external agencies to enable young people facing these types of issues get the right service at the right time.

Referrals to DAMHS are for young people experiencing addictions as well as issues with their mental health. Local services such as Start 360 can offer support for addictions problems where no significant mental health issues are present.

They can be accessed via the family support hubs:



External referrals to DAMHS

Referrals to DAMHS can come externally via the Single Point of Contact where they will then be screen by the DAMHS practitioner. It will then be established whether the young person should be seen by the Drug and Alcohol Service or elsewhere, either within the CAMHS provision or by a different service.

The DAMHS team is based primarily in our Antrim office but offers a Trust-wide service and can see young people in our other offices in Ballymoney, Magherafelt and Newtownabbey.



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