Children’s Early Intervention Service

The Children’s Early Intervention Service provides a provision of support to children and families in need. The interventions are offered to children and young people who are experiencing early developmental/ behavioural difficulties or emotional difficulties which are impacting on the child, young persons or families functioning.

The Children’s Early Intervention Service offers structure self-help approaches, behavioural and family support are provided to reduce the impact of problems and prevent their escalation to more significant difficulties.

The Children Early Intervention Service also offers evidence based parenting programmes/ Group based Interventions in line with best practice in Early Intervention.

The programmes offered include:

  • The Incredible Years which is a universal programme used to prevent and treat children’s behavioural problems whilst developing their social, emotional and academic competence.
  • The Incredible Years offering support with Speech Delay/ communication difficulties
  • Parents Plus this program offers a suite of evidence based programmes including parenting when separated, early years, parenting adolescents and a group work program for teenagers called minding your head.
  • Sleep Awareness Service offers parents education and support to implement good sleep hygiene routines for young people where these are not in place. The Sleep Awareness Service helps to provide a positive impact on both the young person and family to improve sleep quality.

We also offer some outreach work in other locations locally.

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