Children’s Disability Teams

There are four teams located across the Trust area. The teams work with children/young people up to the age of 18, with a range of severe learning or physical disabilities or sensory impairments. Some may have serious health problems or major illnesses.

The service aims to enable children/young people with a disability to live as normal a life as possible in their own homes.

The service attempts to work in partnership with children and their carers to minimise the effects of the child’s disability and based on assessed need, to create opportunities for children/young people to reach their full potential.

This service provides:

  • Assessment of children in need as per  The Children Order and monitor support services offered to them, such as short breaks.
  • The opportunity for families to talk about the children/young people and to provide information about services available to them. This often leads to direct work with children/young people who have a disability who are experiencing difficulties.
  • Liaison with a wide range of health professionals, for example, Occupational Therapists and Paediatricians to provide a co-ordinated service and linking with education services and schools. Liaison with family support services, for example, childminding, playgroups and support groups.
  • Assessment and provision of specialist equipment for children with sensory impairment.
  • Carrying out investigations under Child Protection Procedures if informed a child is at risk.
  • In some cases children/young people with disabilities become accommodated/looked after and this team would provide the statutory support to this small number.


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