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A person with dementia is trying to make sense of the world and to meet their needs.  Just like everyone else.  Their dementia sometimes means that they can’t meet their needs independently or tell others what the need.  Their attempt to meet their needs can sometimes lead to behaviours that others find difficult to understand.  This causes increased stress and distress for the person with dementia and those who love and support them.

Carers sometimes don’t know what to do or how to respond and they can feel helpless.  Occasionally, without intending to, carers respond in a way that increases confusion and distress.

Carers want to know more about dementia and how to support the person with dementia.

The CLEAR Dementia Care App provides accessible information and support.  It is always available when you need it.  The information is presented in bite sized chunks to make it easier to understand and follow.

To understand behaviour it can be helpful to look for patterns.  The App includes a function to help record and chart behaviour.

The App uses both text and colourful illustrations to help us to see the world from the perspective of the person with dementia. When we do this quality of life improves for both the person with dementia and those who love and support them.

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Home Seeking: Unhelpful Response

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Home Seeking: Helpful Response

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