Dual Agency Behaviour Support Service (DABSS)

The Dual Agency Behaviour Support Service (DABSS) aims  to support children with a severe learning disability whose behaviour presents with significant challenges.  DABSS use a Positive Behaviour Support Model which aims to promote quality of life for young people and their families.

DABSS provide comprehensive assessments of children in order to understand why they engage in challenging behaviours. The service works with children, their families and their schools to develop ways to reduce challenging behaviours and to develop other ways for the child to meet their needs. The team offer a range of services including consultation meetings to staff and families and training to staff teams, schools and families in order to increase their understanding of why a child or young person may be displaying challenging behaviour.

DABSS staff include a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Behavioural Specialists, a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Behavioural Associates, Support Workers and a Team Secretary.


Referrals are accepted directly from a range of sources, including schools, Children’s Disability Teams and other staff within children’s services.



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