How long will registration take?
Once you have completed and forwarded your online application this will be directed to the appropriate early years team. Your home address or address at which you propose to offer the service from will determine which team manages your application.

The Northern Trust early years teams endeavour to ensure the registration process is completed within the statutory time frames of three months for childminders and applicants for playgroups, and six months for day nurseries and other services. These timescales are dependent upon all the relevant information being received from you and other persons or professionals in order to progress vetting checks and the associated assessments.

Do I have to pay a fee?
The Registration process requires the Trust to complete vetting checks on persons who are applying to look after children or persons who will be living on, or regular visitors to, the premises where children are to be looked after.

Access N.I. is the legally mandated organisation, which the Trust uses to process the vetting checks on prospective childminders, prospective and registered owners of private day care and the committee chairpersons of group day care, which are not privately owned.

Where a fee is required the charge by Access N.I. to complete these checks is currently (as of August 2010) £30.00 per person however vetting agencies may charge you an additional fee to process these checks for you. The total cost will be dependent upon the numbers of persons to be checked.

Will I have to send the fee with this application?

When your application is received by the local early years office, you will be forwarded a registration pack which will include the forms and information relating to the completion of the Access NI disclosure process and if payment is required.

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