Family Group Conferencing

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a mediated meeting of extended family members who come together to consider and plan a way forward when there are concerns about a child or children for whom decisions need to be made. As many family members as possible are invited to attend such as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and close family friends etc. Professionals attending can include the family social worker, health visitor and/or teacher. Families are assisted by an independent family group conference coordinator to prepare for the meeting. At the first part of the meeting, social workers and other professionals set out their worries and what support could be made available. In the second part of the meeting family members meet privately without professionals to make a plan for the child. The family then present the plan to professionals who will guide them to ensure the plan is safe to action.
The Family Group Conference has the following key stages

  1. Preparation
  2. Information Giving
  3. Private Family Time
  4. Plan and Agreement
  5. Review

The aim of a Family Group Conference is to give families and the children a voice in making decisions regarding their future.

Referrals to the FGC Service are made by a child’s social worker.



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