Footwear Service

The Footwear Service provides stock, modular and bespoke footwear to patients who are considered at risk or are deemed to have a clinical need for specialist footwear.

  • Stock – No adaptations
  • Modular – A stock shoe with adaptations
  • Bespoke – Individual shoe made from patient specific last

General ability aids and appliances are also supplied through the service including splints, support corsets, trusses and braces.

The service is located at the Podiatry Department, Ballymena Health and Care Centre with an orthotist in attendance.

How to access the service

If you need to be referred for footwear services, you can contact your GP, consultant, podiatrist or Allied Health Professional. The referral is made for assessment only and the shoes will be provided, if deemed necessary, following the assessment and based on clinical need.

The service aims to improve patient mobility and quality of life, decrease risk of foot ulceration and maintain independence. To do this, podiatry staff work in partnership with staff in acute hospitals, the orthotist and the service user.

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