Gateway to Children’s Social Work Service

Gateway is a Social Work service for children and families. They are the first point of contact for children or young persons in need of assistance or support.

They provide Social work services Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

What we do:

The Gateway team visit children, young people and their families in their own homes, to assess what they need. They link with children and families to see what support is needed and and ensure everyone involved with a child can contribute to the assessment of the child and his or her family.

The Gateway team are onhand to ensure there is an immediate response to sageguard children in need of protection. The Social Workers will speak to other professionals involved with the family to ensure their views are included in the assessment. They also refer families to locally based services where support is needed.

The Gateway team aim to complete all assessments within 10 working days and will keep professionals and families informed throughout the process. Gateway social services is also there to ensure children and families who continue to need a social work service are transferred to their local Family Support and Intervention team for on-going involvement.

Referral Gateway Team

If you are concerned about the a child or young person, who is not already known to Social Services, the first point of contact should be made to the Referral Gateway Team.

Referral Gateway will respond promptly by gathering information and will pass the refer all to the local gateway team, should it be determined that a social work assessment is required.




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